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Who is United Network Associates?

We are a boutique IT management company serving clients in the New York metro area with enterprise-level IT networking and security solutions for small and mid-sized companies. In business since June 2000, we have extensive professional IT experience and in-depth knowledge of industry-specific needs; we anticipate and relieve pain points before they happen. We know that merely staying current in IT management is a mistake; to that end, we are at the forefront in developing smarter strategies and in-house testing of different systems all while maintaining best practices for our clients and strong working partnerships with brand-name tech partners.

If you’re responsible for keeping the systems at your business or organization running smoothly, you know the nightmare scenarios: Downed networks and data breaches that result in staggering loss of revenue, productivity, and consumer trust and confidence. It’s the opposite of what good tech does: allow you to work with speed and agility at scale. At the very least, your IT systems should work quietly, seamlessly, and without interruption to workflow or stress to you.

At United Network Associates, our mission is to ensure your systems do all that, and more. We provide enterprise IT networking and security solutions custom crafted to fit your specific needs. To us, it’s not enough to simply avoid bad scenarios. We help you maximize the use of your technology investment and reap the full benefits of its optimized performance.

What is a boutique IT company?

With more than two decades in business, United Network Associates has built up a team of experts offering in-depth knowledge of industries. Our industry-specific expertise sets us apart from companies that do not offer knowledgeable advice and service for the distinct set of IT challenges your industry faces.




Investment Firms




Real Estate

Small Business

Professional Services and Complete IT support

IT Help Desk Support

Technical engineers are available to support users 24x7 with multilevel technical support including network infrastructure and security experts. Technical support is available for telephone calls, remote desktop support and on-site visit based on the incident and requirement to install and maintain your computer-based equipment.


Network Monitoring and Management

UNA will monitor the network appliances and the server on a 24x7 basis. Capture and detect network and server issues proactively. Core device monitoring for critical network components. Advance server monitoring for physical and virtual machines. Provide alerts about changes that may violate security and compliance.


Cybersecurity Assessment

Data compliance laws are changing the landscape in data stewardship and cybersecurity assessments to ensure best practices are used in data handling are a primary component of any organization operating a network and managing data today.


Network Infrastructure Assessment

Senior network engineers with multilevel technical knowledge will assess the network infrastructure and communication with servers, users, devices and the cloud. This comprehensive technical evaluation produces a document with detailed specifications of network issues and problems along with a clear roadmap of remediation.


“When our clients can do their work and have no idea we exist, we have done our job.”

Our Trusted Partners

UNA is a trusted technology partner serving clients since 1995. Partnerships with other technology services, makes UNA the best option for a comprehensive technology solution.