We continuously learn new things, discover interesting ways to protect and serve our customers. Please feel free to contact us about any IT related topic that strikes your interest. In some cases it might not be us, delivering all envisioned solutions to you but over the course of our more than 23 years of experience, we have developed a vast network of partnerships.

Minimize Downtime


Security is a top priority for businesses. Dealing with sensitive business and client information means that you have to make sure that data is not lost or stolen. Security issues can damage your reputation and you’ll lose customers because of it. Security issues can also contribute to your downtime and leave you backpedaling to fix mistakes.

Reduced TCO

Total Cost of Ownership can add up in IT. Hardware, software, staff, and maintenance all take a lot of capital and investment. There are many costs that arise from running your IT systems. With an RMM you can reduce the costs by having a professional staff working on your systems at a predictable monthly rate.


RMM will handle all your regular maintenance. It is important to keep your systems well maintained because it keeps up with updates, security, and system health. When your system is healthy, your business is healthy. You have access to your data that you can rely on. RMM watches your technology and makes sure that you can access your data and do the work you need to do.


You don’t want to lose productivity in your business. Your business only grows if you are growing it and that can’t be done if you aren’t producing. RMM will monitor and maintain your technology so you can provide your products and services to a growing number of customers.

Years of Service

This Is Us

United Network Associates is a professional IT company serving Long Island and New York City businesses. Our dedicated technical specialists support Microsoft computer networks. We can solve any technical problem dealing with your servers, routers, network, and Internet connection.

UNA helps your business grow and be more productive with complete solutions that include hardware, software, Internet, and installation with premiere support. We provide service to our clients and completely install and maintain Microsoft computer networks from the initial consultation, to the installation, and finally to the monthly updates and maintenance visits.

Once your systems are installed, UNA also has part-time technical support based on your needs as you configure your systems and keep them running for years to come. We cut through the technology hype and help you plan for what you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Whether you are looking to us to provide all of your computer technology needs or you need us to work with your internal IT department, our goal is to become your partner and resource to achieve your objectives.

Is your business in search of a company that can fix computer problems now, keep your systems running, and roadmap your technology for the future?

Ed Eisenstein

CEO / Founder

Since, 1995, Ed Eisenstein has lead in technology innovation in the region with years of IT management experience. The results have lead to significant operational improvements for government organizations and Corporate clients in the New York Metro region.

David Bricca

Director of Information Technology

David Bricca is the Director of Information Technology at United Network Associates. As an outsourced Chief Information Officer, David acts as a consultant to ensure the IT strategy, operations and processes align with the goals and vision of each client.

Peter Hojdysz​

Technical Service Manager

Martin Parunakyan

Technical Support Specialist

Anthony Ciardullo

Technical Support Specialist