Keeping out bad actors!

Cybersecurity is a primary focus for UNA Technical and offers superior guidance and technology services to enable proper access to users on a secured network. UNA Technical consultants have large Government Cybersecurity expertise for planning and securing network systems. Extensive experience in serving small to mid-sized businesses with Cybersecurity expertise that insures secure network environments at reasonable costs.

Cybersecurity is an investment in time and effort of planning more than it is purchasing equipment. UNA Technical has helped many businesses and governments overcome cyber policy and processes that successfully secured their network systems while giving users the access they required.

Cybersecurity planning and implementation experience spans over 20 years. UNA uses the latest tools and processes that go beyond the traditional firewalls and gateways which have become increasingly ineffectual in thwarting crippling cyberthreats.


UNA recommended Cybersecurity Methods

Network Vulnerability assessments and Penetration Testing:

New Regulatory compliance requirements drive these cyber assessments that measure the vulnerability of a cyberattack on your organization. The vulnerability assessment scans for potential areas where security is weak and a potential attacker may gain access to sensitive data. The penetration test looks further and actual hackers attempt to gain access to your network in a controlled manner. UNA Delivers both Vulnerability assessments and penetration test options based on the legal requirement or interest of the organization.

Constant monitoring of critical network devices:

On-Going monitoring of critical devices is solved by the implementation of remote monitoring and management tools (RMM). UNA secures its clients and keep their network clean by implementing modern RMM tools creating a holistic approach to managing a network. RMM tools are lower cost than buying independent software systems and combines remote access, Anti-Virus, Patch management, content filtering and much more all together into 1 system saving money while simplifying network management.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning:

IT Consulting and Strategy is part of the core at UNA. Many years of planning experience give UNA clients the benefit of working with a group that has created, tested and experienced the results of many IT disasters. UNA helps plan and envision the roadmap for future growth in your network while maintaining a focus on up-time and redundancy.

Security Policy Review and Recommendations:

Creating a set policy and enforcing it is a key component to securing your critical data in your organization. Users and administrators need to have a written and clearly defined document describing the specific handling of the organizations data. Sharing the workflow and process of what is appropriate needs to be shared and understood by the entire organization. UNA has the experience in creating and managing these rules that can be applied and enforced to raise the standard of data handling within your organization.

Training and user awareness programs:

Testing and training your user organization is the only way to truly have a successful long term security stance. The awareness of cyberattacks is directly in line with how vulnerable networks are to breaches. The higher the awareness level, the more secure the network.