E-Waste Recycling

Let's be green

If you need to recycle rooms and racks of old servers, maybe a cabinet of obsolete switches or perhaps just an old office PC that’s ready for the scrap heap, we can help. UNA helps with Recycling and offers any organization, no matter the size, assistance the removal of their old server and network equipment (within NJ, NY, NYC, LI, CT & PA).

The disposal of servers and server hard drives is managed via an inventory stock and checklist. We use the serial numbers of your hard drives and servers as reference throughout every step of the disposal process. Each hard drive and servers’ serial number is ticked off as it passes through de-manufacturing, shredding, recycling and reclamation. The Newtech Recycling service is insured to manage the disposal of all servers and computer network e-waste.

Why choose UNA to relocate your IT assets?

UNA can help you with recycling storage devices, desktops, LCD monitors and televisions, smart phones and tablets, small peripherals (like mice and keyboards, digital cameras, projectors, printers (small office desktop or large office work-group multifunction laser printers) and office phones (including IP telephony and cables.)

We can also recycle data center and server room technology in a secure manner. Hard drives may be wiped to further ensure data security or you may choose data destruction with a certificate of destruction. Other server room equipment that can be recycled includes: rack cabinets, switches, routers, firewalls, media (CD’s, tapes, USB’s, etc.)

Our optional Data Destruction Disposal solution adds an extra layer of security and is ideal for companies with highly sensitive data, including hospitals, banks, financial institutions and government agencies. Below are some of our services.