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Information Technology Professional Services

Scheduled network administration is assigned to a dedicated senior support engineer who, working closely with the account representative, gains knowledge and understanding of both the network infrastructure and management’s technology goals. The UNA support engineer fills the role of both network administrator and support technician, handling proactive support and end user issues that may need to be addressed during the scheduled appointments. Regular administrative visits for your company are recommended at least one day per month, where the support engineer comes in for a day and performs a preventative maintenance checkup. These proactive appointments include but are not limited to the following:

General Computer Network Administration and Support

This option calls for frequent visits (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) because this is when users get the support they need to effectively utilize the resources of the network, including applications and hardware. During this visit, we provide network and user support as well as general network administration. We also check the health of the server, network, workstations, and verify that redundancy measures are operational.

Complete System Performance Evaluation

Are all systems operating optimally? An evaluation of the file server, workstations, network topology and printers are sometimes needed to identify bottlenecks and improve overall system performance.

Business Continuity Assessment

Provides an excellent management report to show where you are with performance, fault tolerance, security, physical environment for the equipment, malware protection, power, disaster recovery, and more.

Malware and Threat Assessment

Check for malware / virus protection on servers and workstations and make sure updates are performed regularly.

Disaster Recovery Audit

Is there a plan in place to recover from a disaster like a fire or flood? Develop a plan to temporarily relocate or gain access to loaner equipment in case equipment is destroyed or unusable. Check for redundancy and fault tolerance.

Network Analysis and Recommendations

Identify ways to improve network speed and efficiency. Make sure the server is capable of handling user demand.

Network Documentation

Diagram and document the network, identify important network addresses, identify network topology.

Equipment Inventory

Identify the hardware currently being used, document all relevant specifications.

Hardware Preventive Maintenance

Maintain and optimize all hardware components including printers.

Operating System Evaluation

Are all operating systems using the latest secure revision? This includes servers, workstations, and network equipment that require these security and maintenance updates.

Application Software Review

Version evaluation, software standardization, and document the software being used.

Level of Computerization

Identify technologies that would improve office automation, including faxing, modems, Internet access, Intranets, email, remote access, scheduling, calendars, accounting systems, customer relationship management, etc.

Employee Usage / Training

Is each user getting the most out of the available hardware and software? Train users on existing hardware and software to increase productivity and efficiency.

Advanced Services

UNA Advanced Services division is a group of advanced level systems engineers who directly support both the account representatives and the customer support department. UNA engineers have advanced level technical certifications and specializations, and are used primarily to assist account representatives with the implementation of higher level project work and support calls.

Remote Network Monitoring

United Network Associates can assign a service to remotely monitor pre-determined components of your network. Proactive actions can be taken to rectify the issues in a professional speedy manner.

Customer Support

Immediate response will be available through your management department or IT personnel. A call to our service manager will enable him to deploy one of our 10 support engineers or technicians to your site to start resolving your problem promptly.