Our long-term clients have reported that our services have paid for themselves by decreasing downtime and other service interruptions.

I have known Ed for many years and I find him to be dedicated, trustworthy and very knowledgeable with it comes to information technology. Him and his team at UNA implemented hardware, system software, and configured networks for our customers in different industries. Ed ensures that both his customers and employees are extremely satisfied. I would definitely recommend him to any business that is looking to implement hardware and system software, be in on-premises or in the cloud.


President at A.B Computer

I've know Ed for a number of years and find him to be an extremely talented and honest business man and a brilliant IT specialist.


President at Ribando Consulting LLC

I have traveled through all of Ed's adventures in business. He is an exemplary IT professional who has a down to earth approach to any situation. Extremely patient in difficult circumstances, level headed and extremely knowledgable. A true gentleman who is honest, truthful and straightforward.


Financial Services Professional