Why managed service with UNA is the smart choice

Our long-term clients have reported that our services have paid for themselves by decreasing downtime and other service interruptions.

Flat-rate service plans
= predictable budgeting

UNA provides 24x7 monitoring and management of your network, increasing efficiency and performance with a flat-rate, predictable cost. The UNA service agreement delivers monitoring tools, anti-virus software, patch management, offsite backup and a team of professional help-desk technicians backed by senior network engineers and security specialists.

Reduce downtime
& remove interruption

UNA managed service solutions allow your staff to work without interruption from the kinds of technical issues that cause system failure and (even worse) hacking. The benefit of monitoring and management tools is that as your IT partner, UNA can catch most problems before they occur.

Maximize your technology investment

Many organizations implement systems that are not maximized for use. Either the users have too little training, or standards have not been developed to streamline the operation. Products and services may be in place and may not be performing optimally or not working at all. The technology you use is an investment; UNA brings value to that investment by ensuring you are utilizing it to its fullest, most optimal extent.